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Venturing forth into renewable energy solutions

We believe the future is renewable energy.

Pro Amp Electric recognizes the need to research and invest in renewable energy solutions which are efficient and cost-effective in the interest of saving our planet. We understand our consumers are aware of the global climate change implications of generating electricity. At Pro Amp Electric, we want to do our part in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by offering Solar Power Installation and EV Charger Installation services.

Choose smart energy. Choose swift repair services. Choose Pro Amp Electric.


Pro Amp Electric is an installation, repair, and maintenance organization committed to providing commercial and residential services of various scopes. We are a highly experienced, well-trained, and friendly group of individuals who are available to put out technical knowledge and expertise to help you out! Our staff members are trained to showcase the highest level of professionalism in dealing with customers. We will not let you down.

What sets us apart?

Wondering why Pro Amp Electric should be your go-to choice for your installation

and servicing needs?

Here is what sets us apart:


We have years of industry experience dealing with customers and fully understand how to deliver high-quality installation and repair services.

Integrative Services

Our services are complete and holistic. From small home repairs to big commercial ground build-up, we have got you covered. Leave it to us!

Project Scope

From small repair tasks to complex projects, we treat each client’s needs with due importance and attention. You will never feel unheard at Pro Amp Electric.

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